Top Vegetarian Paradise in the World (2)

With the emerging of a new eating fashion, there are more and more people who favor food made of vegetables. People would like to take in this kind of food for the sake of health and longevity. They think that vegetables are much more healthy than meat. Throughout the whole world there are many places in which vegetables are really famous. Now I will list the top vegetarian paradise in the world.

1. Sydney

Here, there are a large number of vegetarian food available for your choice either in the vegetarian restaurants or seaside coffee shops. You can also find some vegetarian restaurants which offer man-made meat and vegetarian cakes. Restaurants like Iku Wholefood and Laurie’s Vegetarian Take Away are good choices for you.

2. San Francisco

San Francisco always has a tradition of anti culture. There are a lot of vegetarian food available for you in the seaside region. You can eat snacks made of bean curd in AT&T park, enjoy the vegetable ice cream in Maggie Mudd or have a vegetarian feast in Millennium.

3. Poland

Since Poland attaches great importance to environmental protection, it now has become the paradise for vegetarian people. The available restaurants include Paradox Palace Café, Voo Doo Doughnut and Food Fight. Besides, Poland also offers satisfied food for those strict vegetarians.

4. New York

Different kinds of vegetarians can find their own favourite food in New York. New York is the home to a large number of healthy food stores as well as many cookery schools. In the Natural Gourmet Cookery School, students will provide you with vegetarian dinner which contains 4 dishes.

5.Chiang Mai

As the second largest city in Thailand, Chiang Mai is the paradise for vegetarians and strict vegetarians. There are a lot of outdoor vegetarian restaurants in the downtown areas. Every restaurant has a yellow post on which reads “jay” or “vegetarian”. You can try meatless Khao Soi which is the most popular kind of wheaten food. It contains egg noodles, coconut and curry soup, pickled vegetable and lime.